MeterDesk Analytics Core

 MeterDesk Analytics Core is the centerpiece of MeterDesk Technology stack.  It provides all essentials features of business intelligence systems in a light-weight framework, that is optimized for analytics applications related to industrial sensor data. Main components of the platform are:

  • Data extraction and loading system along with instrument type specific error identification and automated error correction.
  • Data grouping and aggregation
  • GUI based custom report builder and graphical dashboard generator with multiple task specific dashboards
  • Threshold based alert handling; communicating critical alerts through Email and SMS. Daily incident reports.
  • Goal setting and reporting



MeterDesk Analytics Core can be easily installed on cloud instances for maximum flexibility and better manageability. If desired, it can also be installed on-site at customer premises.  MeterDesk Analytics Core is built on proven open source technologies to provide maximum security at the lowest cost of ownership and operations.