MeterDesk for Industrial Analytics

Industrial Analytics is a system to record, process, analyze and report on the data from industrial sensors to improve industrial processes and thus business profitability.

Need for Industrial Analytics

  • Modern equipments come with large number sensors
  • Data is often captured by SCADA systems for real-time monitoring and control
  • Most of the data is either discarded or ignored
  • If utilized properly such data can provide valuable information, which can improve production processes, and increase profitability

Potential Uses of Industrial Analytics

  • Track equipment running when not needed
  • Optimize energy utilization across the factory
    • Identify peak demand and avoid hitting the limit
    • Identify equipments consuming more energy
    • Track activities running during peak hour
    • Track and optimize power factor to improve efficiency & avoid penalty
    • Time shifting activities to when energy is cheap
  • Cost benefit analysis for equipment upgrades
  • Predict equipment failures based on sensor data
  • Calculate mean time between failure of equipment
  • Measure and track results of optimization projects or new device installations
  • Keep track of performance of remote factories centrally
  • Management reporting of production metrics
  • Seasonal comparison of equipment usage and performance, e.g., HVAC units

How MeterDesk can Help?

  • It is a complete solution for Industrial Analytics and Intelligence
  • MeterDesk can acquire data from all types of sensors and measuring instruments
  • It works with existing SCADA infrastructure and most popular instrumentation interfaces
  • Even proprietary systems can be integrated easily if they provide a electronic interface for communicating data.
  • Best companion system for ISO 90001 (QMS), ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) implementations
  • Better monitoring of progress in Six Sigma Projects
  • Custom reports can be easily built with state of the art report generator
  • Quick visualization of information with graphical dashboard