Energy Management Solutions

What is Energy Management?

Energy Management is the process of understanding and optimizing the consumption and use of energy in an organization.  Before we begin managing energy, it is important to know current usage pattern of energy in the facility.  This will help in understanding the areas of optimization, and plan steps to improve the energy efficiency.

Why Manage Energy?

  • Energy cost is big portion of expense for many businesses.
  • Cost of energy is continuously raising, while the demand for energy is also raising along with it.
  • Scheduled & Unscheduled power cuts is a major concern in some parts of the world.
  • Cutting down on fossil fuels is important for environment and can help in reversing climate change.

Using MeterDesk for Energy Management

Energy Management is one of the primary applications for which MeterDesk is designed, hence it comes with several in-built features to ease implementation of Energy Management System in an organization, regardless of the scale of such project.  It also helps tracking various other allied parameters that impact energy efficiency like, HVAC air flow, indoor and ambient temperature, water flow, etc.

MeterDesk can help an organization in all stages of their Energy Management System implementation, namely:

  • Baseline Energy Consumption: Before starting on an optimization project it is important establish current consumption pattern in a facility.  MeterDesk can help in baselining the energy consumption and use at unit level. It can also help in understanding complex patterns like hourly average consumption which will help in identifying peak demand hours in a facility.
  • Planning: Once the baselines are established, identifying conservation areas can be taken up.  MeterDesk reports and graphs can help in identifying the areas with high energy consumption or those with potential for savings.
  • Tracking: Setting organizational goals and unit level goals can help in driving the energy management projects. These goals can in turn be used to track the progress on energy conservation projects.  MeterDesk provides mechanism for setting and tracking goals at unit levels. Thresholds and Alerts feature of MeterDesk can be used to ensure that all abnormal consumption patterns are acted upon at the earliest.
  • Continuous Improvement: Energy Management is not an one time activity.  It is important to constantly monitor the energy consumption across organization and ensure that all the procedures put in place are functioning optimally.  MeterDesk enables such tracking at minimal incremental cost, thus enabling higher compliance level and lower cost of ownership per unit saved.