Multi-tenant Billing Solutions

Energy and utility billing is a complex process in multi-tenant buildings.  MeterDesk provides a highly capable solution to handle almost all such scenarios and provides an pain-free interface for generating tenant bills on periodic basis. Some of the salient features of our billing solution are:

  • Commodity-wise billing (Electricity, Water, HVAC BTU)
  • In case of multiple sources of energy, tenants can be billed at different rates for each source of energy even with a single meter at tenant level.
  • Distribution losses & common area costs can be split among tenants based on multiple criteria
    • against consumption,
    • add to unit rate,
    • distribute equally, or
    • distribute based on floor space occupied
  • Rate determination based on standard unit rate, slab based unit rate, agreed usage or calculated unit rate
  • Calculate & Split electricity peak demand charges — on usage, space occupied, or equally
  • Add miscellaneous charges & taxes to the invoice  (as flat/percentage of commodity or bill)
  • Peak hour / shift based differentiated tariffs
  • Customizable invoices with facility logo (Email, PDF, Excel)